Bitcoin: analysing trade volume between fiat pairs, stablecoins and crypto pairs

Trade volumes can be split into:

  • Fiat trade
  • Stablecoins (USDT and others)
  • Cryptocurrencies (~1800 possible tokens)

Examining the separation between the three categories can reveal potentially useful information on where the bulk of the trade volume comes from.

Additionally trade volumes are split on between "fee-based" exchanges, and "feeless" exchanges, where volumes can be manipulated.

Zooming is enabled on line charts, drag mouse over section to select a shorter time period.


2018-07-24: Added new trade volume analysis page
2018-07-25: Added pie charts
2018-08-02: Scripts updated to new coinmarketcap format
2018-08-05: New dedicated charts site launched
2018-09-06: Problems with bad source data have skewed charts